Speedy Grants

For further information contact CommunityWorks to explore how we may be of help.


Tell us what you need funding for and we will provide a preliminary assessment of the suitability of your idea for a one-off grant application.


If we proceed, one of our Grants Coordinators will liaise with you to identify the best potential funding source for your project and develop a realistic timeline for completing your application.


We will tell you precisely what we can do and the information we can obtain on your behalf. We will talk you through everything else you need to do for your application to be finalised. We will also provide an opinion on optional supporting information or collateral we think is needed to increase the likelihood of your application being successful.


We will prepare the application paperwork for you. We will send this to you for verification and signature. We will provide you with any coaching or support you may need (eg samples of a resolution for your meeting minutes and an associated certification letter, suggestions for letters of support etc).


When you return the signed application form to us, we will ensure everything has been completed correctly and all required information is there. We will then copy, collate and assemble your application and arrange for it to be delivered to the funding agency.

CommunityWorks does not of course guarantee every application we prepare will be successful. Our Speedy Grants fee does not include preparing supporting information like project plans etc. We do however make the following guarantees:

  • we only prepare applications that fall within a funder's published eligibility criteria;

  • using your information and the collective skills and experience of our team members, we will prepare applications that are as correct, compelling, clear and well-presented as possible; and;

  • we will do our very best to eliminate any stress or uncertainty around the whole application process for you.


If the work associated with running your organisation is creating a strain, contact us to find out how we may be of assistance to you.


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