System Design

  • Staff & volunteers with multiple roles at risk of burn-out?

  • Accidental - or deliberate - gatekeeping by team members?

  • Lost track of the contact details of some of your members?

  • Computer stolen along with all your client records & important files?

  • Costly, time-consuming work practices slowing you down?

  • AGM changeover & vital information gone with departed office holders?

  • People overloaded or struggling to do some of their work?

Cloud computing and outsourcing offers a great range of reliable services ideal for organisations with limited resources or team members who are geographically apart from each other. You don't need high-level computing skills or the latest equipment to use virtual services.

And once you have the right systems properly set up, they're fast, easy and intuitive to use. And thanks to technology, outsourcing from specialist service providers is also cheaper and easier than it's ever been. These services eliminate chaos, improve productivity, manage risk and minimise overheads - helping you make the best use of your limited time and money.


CommunityWorks can help with:

  • existing system and productivity audits;
  • choosing & setting up new systems;
  • refining current systems like membership, client intake processes, financial reporting or payroll systems; and
  • 1:1 or group coaching to make the most of SaaS features & benefits.

If the work associated with running your organisation is creating a strain, contact us to find out how we may be of assistance to you.